New England Patriots AFC Championships

New England Patriots Bags AFC Championships  Nine Times

14 AFC East titles in 16 appearances without a season lost since 2001, most Super Bowl played (9), and second-most Super Bowl titles (5) is a legacy. It’s New England Patriots that marked many conquests to its name. The franchise also has the most successful decade, an unbeaten regular season, the longest winning streak, and the most consecutive titles in divisional playoffs to its name. New England Patriots AFC Championships has quite a big history to tell.

The New England Patriots franchise hails from AFC East division. The team touched the NFL post the AFC-NFC merger. The Boston Patriots from Gillette became New England Patriots when they switched to Foxborough in 1971. The team again moved to Gillette in early 2002. See New England Patriots History also.

1985:New England Patriots vs Miami Dolphins

The first ever AFC Championship game of the Patriots took them to their maiden Super Bowl. They played Miami Dolphins on January 1, 1986. Patriots were 24-7 ahead going into the fourth quarter. Later a Patriots fumble and Dolphins’ subsequent touchdown cut the lead to just 10. Then came the fourth fumble of the match by Dolphins and things ended there for the side. Patriots ran 255 yards and gained. The two team are bitter rivals. See also Miami Dolphins vs New England Patriots Rivalry.

1996: New England Patriots vs Jacksonville Jaguars

January 12, 1997, brought together the Patriots and the Jacksonville Jaguars to Foxboro Stadium, the new Patriots home. The game was to decide the AFC champions of the season. Patriots displayed a super solid defense for the day. They forced four turnovers on the Jaguars and ultimately an 87-yard fumble recovery touchdown by Otis Smith gave Patriots the game. The 20-6 win sent them to Super Bowl XXXI.

2001:New England Patriots vs Pittsburgh Steelers

Patriots were taking on the top seed Pittsburgh Steelers in their third AFC championship game. January 27, 2002, was the game day. Troy Brown made the first touchdown to start the things up for Patriots with a 7-0 lead. Further, an 11-yard score gave the Patriots an edge of 14-3 at the half time. The score went to 21-3 in early second half. Steelers tried hard for a comeback but the end score inclined towards Patriots with 24-17.

2003:New England Patriots vs Indianapolis Colts

Patriots were up to some ruthless play in the AFC title game this year. The game was against the Indianapolis Colts on January 18, 2004. The Colts were so frustrated that they complained to the league offices post the game.Patriots caught Manning four times. The Patriots posted an average attack but got five field goals to seal the game 24-14. Patriots were to play their second Super Bowl in 3 years. Therefore it was the fourth New England Patriots AFC Championships.

2004: New England Patriots vs Pittsburgh Steelers

On January 23, 2005, Patriots again took on an in-form side of Pittsburgh Steelers. Patriots defense did a fine job again by turning four opponent turnovers into 24 points. Patriots led 24-3 at the half time. In the early fourth quarter, Steelers tried to level up and cut the score to 31-20. In the final minutes, a 23-yard touchdown made Patriots the champions with scores reading 41-27.

2007: New England Patriots vs San Diego Chargers


After losing the AFC championship game for the first time, Patriots again played it the next year on January 20, 2008. This time the team had to fight the San Digo Chargers. The most successful offense of the team didn’t work out for the game, but the defense did well. Patriots limited Chargers to just four field goals. They led 14-12 when the fourth quarter began. Then came a 6-yard touchdown followed by a 15-play drive in final minutes. Patriots had it 21-12.It was sixth New England Patriots AFC Championships

2011:New England Patriots vs Baltimore Ravens

On January 22, 2012, Patriots were hosting the AFC championship game again. Bardy proved a lot less effective, and the Ravens led 20-16 when the game went into the fourth quarter. But then in the final quarter, Brady was different. He called his own number and swam smoothly through the Ravens’ to pick a lead for his side. The game saw most exciting final moments, and with Billy Cundiff leading the game-tying field goal, the match went to the Patriots. They won 23-20. The two team are bitter rivals. See also Baltimore Ravens vs New England Patriots Rivalry.

2014:New England Patriots vs Indianapolis Colts

Once again for the AFC champions decider of 2014 Patriots were up against the Colts on January 18, 2015. The Patriots led 17-7 at half time. The Patriots went on scoring nonstop in the second half, and the AFC saw the most one-sided game in the history. Patriots won 45-7 and Colts alleged them of tampering the ball. Thus  New England Patriots AFC Championships numbered 8.

2016:New England Patriots vs Pittsburgh Steelers

New England Patriots on January 22, 2017, played a yet another dominating championship game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Brady completed 32 passes off his 42 attempts and gained three touchdowns for the Patriots. Hogan ended up with the most receiving yards in the history of the franchise. Patriots won the game 36-17 to book a spot in Super Bowl LI.

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