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New England Patriots Super Bowl History

 If there’s one side that has never been boring in their Super Bowl actions, it’s the New England Patriots. Almost all the Super Bowl contests of the team went too tight picking the champion only in the closing seconds. Named one of the most successful campaigners in the NFL . New England Patriots Super Bowls History is rich with Super Bowls 9 times. Apart from the record of most appearances, the team also has second-most wins (5) to its name. See New England Patriots History also.

New England Patriots have been super hot in their AFC East Division as well. The team managed to emerge as a mighty force by beating the bests in business. Let’s recite the tale of 5 stunning Super Bowl wins of the franchise.

Super Bowl XXXVI (2001): Patriots vs Rams

A game that made Brady the legend he is, it was the first one in the New England Patriots Super Bowls History. Patriots had to beat St. Louis Rams to be the world champions. The teams went onfield on February 3, 2002. At the commencement of the fourth quarter, the Patriots were 17-3 ahead. Kurt Warner created two touchdowns that made things too tight in the game. Brady, the hero of the game completed Troy Brown, J.R. Redmond, and Jermaine Wiggins and a 48-yard field goal took the Patriots home with 20-17.

Super Bowl XXXVIII (2003):  Patriots vs. Panthers

Super Bowl XXXVIII is a sample that how even such a tedious game can make a historical climax. The day was February 1, 2004. New England Patriots were taking on the Carolina Panthers. Scoreboard never moved until 26:55. Just a little more than three minutes remained and combined points in the game was a mere 24. Then came a storm. 6:53 were left when Jake Delhomme and Muhsin Muhammad gave Carolina a lead. The next moment Patriots was on top 7 points lead with a touchdown. The game moved to and fro until the Brady 41-yard kick became the nail in the coffin. The final score read Patriots32-29Panthers

Super Bowl XXXIX (2004): Patriots vs Eagles

This game of New England Patriots Super Bowls History sings the legacy of Terell Owens. The man coming back from the leg injury caught nine passes for 126 yards in the game. Patriots played the game against Philadelphia on February 6, 2005. Patriots were leading 24-14 with just 6 to pass on the clock. Later a touchdown catch by Greg Lewin made it a just a possession game. The extremely tight game ended with 24-21 favoring the Patriots.

Super Bowl XLIX (2014):  Patriots vs  Seahawks

On February 1, 2015, Patriots were challenging the Seattle Seahawks for the world championship game. In the most gripping of the battles, the Patriots opened the fourth quarter trailing by 10 points. But then, the side posted a vigorous comeback. Brady had a bad start but completed 14 of his last 16 passes to create a couple of touchdowns. Butler had a very bad game against Falcons but emerged as a hero on the big day. It was his end-zone interception that turned the game upside down with just a single play. Match ended 28-24.

Super Bowl LI (2016):  Patriots vs Falcons

New England Patriots happen to be the title holders of the last Super Bowl LI. The franchise played the Atlanta Falcons on February 5, 2017. This game had bigger dramas than the Butler’s play last Super Bowl. Brady was absolutely out of color for the first half. The side trailed 28-3. The second half was freakish for the Patriots. The team did everything right just when they had to. The team that conceded 28 points in first 15 minutes gave away none in final 27 minutes. In a style that the Patriots seem to have patented, they won another nail-biting encounter with 34-28.

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