New England Patriots vs New York Jets Rivalry

Top NFL Rivalry: New York Jets vs  New England Patriots Rivalry

The New York Jets vs  New England Patriots Rivalry is a rivalry between the  and New England Patriots and New York Jets. The teams both are in the AFC East. They have been in the same division since their inception in 1960 in the American Football League. The Jets vs Patriots Rivalry game takes place  at least twice a year. Lets check out how bitter the rivalry is .


Rivalry History

The Jets and Patriots share one of the impressive histories. Both teams began there in the AFL in 1960 and play in the AFC East division. They have played in the same division ever since. This is interesting and I see that the rivalry has its deep-rooted roots in their common background. Both teams are also the biggest media markets and are close to each other looking at their geographical locations in Boston and New York. The teams meet each other twice in a season. The first ever game the Patriots-Jets met in September 1960.

Analysis: Jets vs Patriots Rivalry

The New England Patriots have an upper hand and are leading the New York Jets in the series by 61-54-1

New York Jets vs  New England Patriots Rivalry stems from the fact that these two teams want superiority in their division. Based on their locations which are close to each other each team is looking to be a dominant team coming from their area. In my opinion, I think things were made even worse when Bill Parcells and Bill Belichick switched sides where Parcells went to coach the Jets after spending a spell coaching the Patriots. We also saw Belichick going to coach the Patriots after assuring that he would coach the Jets. This sort of like fueled the already tense situation that already existed between the two teams.

Jets vs Patriots Rivalry Impact

This rivalry to say the least has really had an influence on the players and coaches. Being from almost the same area no one wants to look inferior to the other. Therefore,the players and coaches have put every little detail in their cards to ensure they win any game that comes in their way. The momentum has somehow changed after seeing the Patriots dominating the Jets in recent times. This should, however, not indicate that the Jets have thrown a towel and I expect a rejuvenated Jets coming up with other strategies to win over their perennial rivals.

Exciting Moments

This rivalry has seen some exciting moments on the fans, players, and coaches. One incident that comes to my mind is when after a game in the New England Patriots fans instigated a fight and resulted into the Jets fan punching a woman. Coming to the game the Jets defeated the Patriots in that game at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford.

There have also some cases of players involved in punching and pushes during game times. The notable one is in 2013 when the Patriots won 13-10 against the Jets. Nick Mangold who went after Talib’s knees after he had stepped out of bounds.

I can’t wait to see the next game between the Patriots and the Jets. Time is really going slow but I hope the game will be exciting as always.

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