Miami Dolphins vs New England Patriots Rivalry

New England Patriots vs Miami Dolphins Rivalry : NFL Rivalry

The Patriots and Dolphins Rivalry is an NFL Rivalry between the Miami Dolphins and New England Patriots.  The Miami Dolphins  lead the all-time series 53–52. The two teams play twice each season.

Patriots and Dolphins Rivalry History

It’s always been a great match and an unforgettable moment when New England Patriots oppose the Miami Dolphins Rivalry. It is the biggest NFL confrontation that you have ever seen. These two teams are among the greats and they often meet. The opposing of these teams is more interesting as there is no affection betweenPatriots and Dolphins. These two teams have both the same style of playing and the same fans as well. These teams have already faced more than hundred times in the history of their rivalry.

New England Patriots vs Miami Dolphins Rivalry trails the Dolphins-Bills and Dolphins-Jets by two games each year. Their first meeting has begun in 1966and their matches still attract the fans. AFL have only nine teams, therefore every team has to meet at least once in a season. Then, the six teams will have a second meeting. Because of these schedule seasons, the Patriots and Dolphins now head into the regular season meeting. During their meeting, the result has always changed. We can’t guess who will become the winner.

Rivalry Analysis

On the 98th meeting of Dolphins and Patriots, the former leads at the moment. Although Dolphins leads, we can’t deny the strength of the Patriots. This means that rivalry will probably begin to take shape. One a year Patriots would be win and the next it’s the turn of the Patriots. In 1971, the match has begun a great day for Miami fans. Still at that time, Dolphins lead to a 41-3. It was a great victory against the Patriots. Faced to this deceiving match, Patriots took its revenge. Still in 1972, they lead to 52-0. It was a great revenge for the team. Their score have been changed. We are not sure who will win for this next season. However one thing is sure, the fans will spend a great day. That is to say, Patriots vs Dolphins rivalry will be a great history.

Patriots and Dolphins next meeting to be the great moment

It is always an exciting moment when you assist to the New England Patriots vs Miami Dolphins Rivalry match . As we have remembered, there are lots of emotions both for the teams and for the fans. The assault between the fans are getting more and more frequent. In fact the fans are becoming a bit crazy as the match is interesting. We can notice the fans and players assault. Dolphins or Patriots? One thing is sure, their next confrontation will be unforgettable.

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