New England Patriots Rivals : Bitter NFL Rivalry

There is no excuse not to join the biggest footballing party when the season starts.NFL has lived to its standards by promising a sporting carnival that is always remembered each season. I have seen that when the season begins the pressure really is on the clubs to deliver. The fans like everybody else have higher expectations on their clubs to do the right thing and that’s winning the games. This inadvertently has brought in rivalries between clubs. Therefore, in this article, you will have relevant glimpse on the New England Patriots Rivals and New England Patriots Rivalry games.


 Patriots vs Jets  RIVALRY

The Patriots and Jets rivalry dates back to 1960 when both teams began their journey in the AFL. To make it interesting, both of these teams play in the AFC East division and have done so since they joined the league. They meet twice in a season. The New England Patriots are so far leading the series with 61-54-1.

The major reason for this contention I believe is the fact that both of these teams come from the same close area. This boils down to which is the better team that will be treated with respect from their fans. This might sound a bit abnormal to some people but when it comes to owning the turf, believe me, it has a major impact.

This rivalry has had its own effect on players, supporters and most importantly the fans. There have been mixed reactions by fans some funny and others regrettably. Let me take you back to one such incident. The Jets won 26-20 against the Patriots in 2015 in East Rutherford, NJ in a fair match. Unfortunately, a Jet and Patriot fans started fighting that led to Jet fans having a go at Patriot fan. This is how these games mean to the supporters.


 Ravens Vs  Patriots Rivalry

This is truly a players rivalry, which started in a real way in 2007 when the Ravens narrowly missed out on victory, going down 27-21, in a match that verged on violent. The tensions flared once again in 2009, when the teams drew each other in a wild card draw, again the Patriots were victorious however there was again violent flare-ups during and after the game. It would seem this rivalry is born out of the passion and the want to win.


Patriots Vs Bills RIVALRY

Though not a long rivalry as compared to others, this one started in the 1960s. Their first game was played at War Memorial Stadium in 1960 where the Patriots came out victorious with a sound thumping of the Bills by 28-7. As luck would have it, the Bills got their revenge by walloping the Patriots at Nickerson Field at Boston University in 1960 by 13-0. The stage was perfectly set and since then this rivalry has reached another level. The Patriots are convincingly leading the series by 70-43-1. In their last game, the Patriots won and they played on 10/30/2016.

This rivalry is puzzling looking at the way the Patriots have been dominating the Bills. Surely, I think the main reason cannot be that distant from the truth because these two teams play in the same East division in the NFL.

We all know that the Bills’ supporters are very passionate on their team. I remember very well a Bills’ fan throwing a sex-toy into the field of play. Though not allowed, he tried to give a helping hand to his team


Patriots vs Dolphins RIVALRY

This rivalry I will call it a moderate one though it all started in the 1960s as well. The Dolphins was by then a better team in terms of winning the series. Amazingly, the Dolphins happened to be a more successful team as compared to the Patriots. Things changed for the better for the Patriots from1986 there on when they started leading the series against the Dolphins. Then came the infamous game in 2004 where the Dolphins had won a game 12-1 from 2-11 in the beginning. The Dolphins are now marginally leading the series 53-52.

The fans have had their part to play in this rivalry as well. Whenever the Dolphins lose to the Patriots they go and show their anger through the social media. But, hey, there is nothing wrong with that. We all love our teams and there are different ways to show our anger.

These rivalries are unique and exciting. That’s what makes this series fun to watch.

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