New England Patriots Team History

The history of New England Patriots began Billy Sullivan getting a franchise in the AFL. He named his team the Boston Patriots. The Gillette Stadium acted as the home ground for them. Boston Patriots got a spot in AFC East division after the NFL-AFL merger. Next year the franchise moved to Foxborough and became the New England Patriots.

Playing in the NFL the team saw its most glorious years. It played nine world championship games and won 5 of them. The team also won the most AFC East title games in the history of NFL.

Team Ownership

Billy Sullivan was the very first owner of the franchise Boston Patriots introduced in AFL in 1959. After the merger with NFL and a move to Foxborough, the franchise got its new name the New England Patriots. Robert C. Wetenhall became a part owner post the AFL-NFL merger. Later in 1988, Victor Kiam, the President, and CEO of Remington Products bought the ownership of the franchise. He served for about four years before he sold the team to James Orthwein. The current owner of the New England Patriots is Robert Kraft, the Chairperson, and CEO of the Kraft Group.

Patriots Coaches

The New England Patriots have hired a total of 14 head coaches till date. The current and the most successful coach of the team is Bill Belichick. Under his guidance, the team won all of its 5 Super Bowls and 7 of its 9 AFC titles. Other notable head coaches for the side were Raymond Berry and Bill Parcells with one AFC title each.

First NFL Game

The very first game that the Boston Patriots played in the NFL was on September 20, 1970, against Miami Dolphins. The team had an amazing NFL debut with a 27-14 victory. However, the season proved to be the worst in the Patriots’ NFL history. They closed the season with a record of 2 wins against 12 losses.

Super Bowl Championship

The arrival of head coach Bill Belichick in 2000 changed the fate of the team. The team had a dream run in Super Bowls after that. Belichick and Brady have been the difference in the Super Bowl win or loss for the team. The team won all of its 5 (XXXVI, XXXVIII, XXXIX, XLIX, and LI) Super Bowls with these two. The team appeared in the championship game for a record 9 times. Patriots are placed second in most Super Bowl wins along with the Cowboys and the Niners while the Steelers top the chart with 6 wins. See New England Patriots Super Bowls in details.

AFC Championship

New England Patriots have also been one of the strongest contenders in the conference championships. The franchise appeared in 13 AFC championship games and won 9 of them. This happens to be the highest number of titles in AFL. Again 7 of the nine title wins came under the head coach Bill Belichick. See New England Patriots AFC Championship in details.

Logos and Uniforms

Patriots started with a tricolor hat as a logo in 1960. Then from 1961 to 1992, they did with a revolutionary warrior taking the football off the ground. The current logo came in 1993 when the warrior had a gray face and wore a red, white, and blue hat. The tricolor was back. The logo is popular as the ‘Flying Elvis.’

The very first Patriots uniform was the red jerseys and white block numbering at home and white with red numbers away. The jerseys they clubbed it with white pants. This was the team uniform with slight changes till 1992. In 1993 Patriots uniform got a total renovation. Now they had a royal blue jersey for home and white for away. Helmet became silver. Pants for both jerseys were silver. The team also had an alternate uniform which they wore in 1994. Red jersey with the old helmet returned as the third uniform.

Popular player in Pro Football Hall of Fame

The current football hall of fame has seven players that ever played for the New England Patriots. There are three Linebackers Nick Buoniconti (1962-1968), Junior Seau (2006-2009), and Andre Tippett (1982-1983). The list also features guard John Hannah (1973–1985), Cornerback, cornerback Mike Haynes (1976-1982), and running back Curtis Martin (1995-1997). The only Patriots coach in the Pro Football Hall of Fame is Bill Parcells (1993-1996).

New England Patriots Cheerleaders

The team was established in 1977 and was able to perform various dance stunts at Gillette Stadium. Currently the team has 33 members and has a junior team called Junior Patriots cheerleaders with girls from 7-17 are allowed to join with $425 fee per participant. Aside from that, the junior team also received benefits from the team. see full story of New England Patriots Cheerleaders.

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