New England Patriots Fans 2018

New England Patriots Fans
New England Patriots Fans

New England Patriots Fans

The New England Patriots are a worldwide known and loved American football team. They  have some of the most notable players in the league and boast a number of championships. They  continue to be a model team in the NFL. The social aspect of this following can be found in the forms of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google Plus. Followings are such New England Patriots Fans page in details.

Patriots Facebook Fans

Facebook was the first major social network to take over the internet. The Official New England Patriots Facebook page has over 7 million people following.The page is your standard Facebook page, containing links, pictures, updates and more. Whether you want to keep up with the players and league, this page has everything you need. here goes the link of New England Patriots Facebook Fans page.

Patriots Twitter Fans

Much like Facebook, Twitter  made a huge impact on social media. Twitter is a way to share and receive stories with friends and strangers alike.The Official New England Patriots Twitter page has over 3.37 million followers.

The official twitter account any  stories, pictures and updates. With quicker updates and direct access to official player accounts, Twitter is a great way to follow all things of New England Patriots. Fans follow @Patriots at Twiiter.

New England Patriots Google Plus Fans

The final piece of social media we will be looking at is the use of Google Plus, or Google+. We see a substantial increase of user activity from the low numbers of YouTube with over 1.2 million followers and over 60 million views of the Official New England Patriots Google+ page. These numbers point to a larger number of people interested in more than just videos, although Google+ does contain both videos independently as well as a link to YouTube. The number of followers and activity is a direct reflection of access and time available to the masses. Follow  the Patriots Google Plus Fans page

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