Month: June 2016

NE Patriots 2016 Preseason Matches Date TV Time

NE England patriots have released the final playing dates and time of their preseason matches. You can catch The 2016 NE patriots preseason games from the comfort of your couch. One of the channels that will broadcast their games is the Watch Patriots preseason television network. You can also watch their preseason games on WBZ- TV. All their four games will be broadcast live. The NE patriot’s preseason schedule has been set nicely to allow the team to host joint practices. The team will host joint practices with either the Bear or the Saints. It looks like the Bears have a stronger possibility compared to the Saints since the latter’s willingness or availability is likely to hinge their plans as far as the week two preseason is concerned. During the week two preseason, the team will be looking forward to meet the Houston Texans. The preseason dates were released on the Thursday and here is an overview of their opponents.

NE England patriots preseason opponents.
NE England patriots have released the final playing dates and time

Week one (August. 11th-15th) versus The New Orleans Saints

The team had successful practice before the start of last year’s preseason. Both sides raved for the experience of training together. Drew Brees Versus Tom Brady is considered to be the treat any time the two side meet on the field. You need to know that the saints were scheduled to have joint practices with Houston Texans in the previous year.

Week two (August. 18th-22nd) versus Chicago Bears

NE Patriots and Chicago Bears have trained together several times in the past. This clearly shows the strong working relationship existent between the teams. This is yet a great opportunity for them to have joint practices

Week three (August 25th-28th) versus Carolina Panthers

The starters often play into the second half of the game any time these two sides meet.

Week three (August. 25th-28th) versus Carolina Panthers

This is going to mark the twelfth straight these teams will be facing each in finale of the preseason matches.

NE Patriots 2016 schedule
    NE Patriots 2016 Preseason