Top 10 Best New England Patriots Players All Time

Check Out Top 10 New England Patriots Players all Time

Patriot Players is an American football team in Greater Boston region headquartered at Gillette Stadium. Patriots compete in NFL as a member of the American Football Conference. The team was formerly known as Boston Patriots and their rivalry with New York Jets is considered as one of the most bitter rivalries with NFL. The patriots have recorded highest number of super bowls in the franchise history and known as one of the most successful team in NFL. Here is a list of some of the best Patriots.

1.Tom Brady

Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr born in 1977 and signed a contract with Patriots in 2000 NFL draft. He is one of the two player (other being Charles Haley) who had won fiver super bowls and only quarterback to win five. Throughout his career with Patriots, he had earned distinguished records including 5 Super Bowl wins, two league MVP’s and 4 super bowl MVP’s.

02.Troy Brown

Patriots selected him  in the 8th round of the NFL draft in 1993. His first year as starter was in 2000. Along with Tom Brady in 2001 led the Patriots to Super Bowl and earning his trip to Pro Bowl. Brown is also know as the all time leading punt returner and second Patriot in receptions

03.John Hannah

Nincknamed as “Hog” played for New England Patriots for 12 years in NFL. Hannah had excelled as a run blocker and pass protector in his football career. He became the first Patriot who was  in to the Pro Bowl- Hall of Fame. He secured 3rd rank of Top 10 New England Patriots Players All Time

04.Rob Gronkowski

“Gronk” grew in Nee York and joined Patriots in 2010 with a four year contract. He is notable for his fun loving personality. He also ranked as 9th of top player list of NFL in 2016.

05.Mike Haynes

Played as cornerback for Patriots. With his speed and range he became a best punt return specialist and an outstanding defensive back. In 1976, he played as a rookie with eight interception and the same year also won the defensive rookie of the year.

06.Ty Law

Won three Super Bowls with Patriot and signed the contract in 1995. He is also  one of the best defensive back of all time and was 20th member in the Patriots Hall of Fame. In 2005 he was released by Patriots and since then Law represented Patriots in few games as an honorary team captain.Law has been 6th of Top 10 New England Patriots Players All Time.

07.Andre Tippett

Born in Alabama and was drafted by NFL in 1982. Was a linebacker and currently he is the executive director of community affairs for Patriots. He was awarded twice as defensive player of the week. He spent his entire 12 year career span with Patriots.

08.Steve Nelson

Played for New England Patriots between 1974-1987 and became the center of the Patriots defense. After his retirement,  he coached for the team until Curry College got into the role. Recently he became a wel known football analyst and has been coming on local TV shows and radios.

09.Stanley Morgan

Born in South Carolina and one of the greatest receiver in Patriots. He played 13 seasons with Patriots and played one season with Indianapolis Colts.He is the 9th of Top 10 New England Patriots Players All Time.

10.Adam Vinatieri

He had played four super bowls with Patriots. He holds the record of highest super bowl appearances and four super bowl wins amongst the placekickers. People  call him “Mr. Clutch” due to his success rate when kicking under pressure during his tenure with NFL. People named him as “Automatic Adam” for his accuracy and “Iceman” for his control under pressure.


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Jonathan Cooper New England Patriots Players 2017

Jonathan Coooper : A Mighty Guard


Jonathan cooper, born in Wilmington in North Carolina, is is an American football guard for the Dallas Cowboys. Due to his game in 2013, the NFL had considered him as the top guard. He had got many admiration from Dallas Cowboys during the period. He was also a member of New England patriots until the team cut him out in 2016. Not much people know about this, but the prodigy has had interests in wrestling and tracking as well. His academic career began with John T. Hoggard High School in Wilmington where he was born.

College career

Cooper enrolled in North Carolina uni where he played for the football team in 2008-12. He got out of Virginia games due to an ankle injury. In his sophomore year he did something amazing, he got 875 snaps – which was a record.

As a junior, Cooper started all 13 games at left guard. He saw action on 864 plays and graded out at 86 percent for the season, good for second on the team. He earned second-team All-ACC honors, and along with left tackle James Hurst, was part of the first Carolina offensive line tandem to earn All-ACC honors since 1993.

In 2012, Cooper paved the way for the ACC’s leading rusher Giovani Bernard, and was a consensus All-American selection.

Professional Career

After cutting himself from the patriots, he had joined the Cowboy in January of this year. He may even replace Ronald Leary in a best assumed scenario. But if things don’t work out well, then, I am afraid he might even have to go back to his old training days.

Cooper played college football as a defence guard at North Carolina, where he earned All-American honors. Following that season, Cooper did a 40 knock-down, owing to a 73 percent grade, it was the team’s best. Following that, he was rewarded as the title of “All-ACC freshman” team by a news company. Considered as a three-star recruit, Cooper was ranked 21 on the guard prospect exam in his class. He has earned various All-ACC honors.

In 2016 alone, he was with New England patriots, Cleveland Browns, Dallas Cowboys – which is the present one. Not everybody can do something so great and so prodigious. He signed the Cowboys agreement of the evaluation of offensive line. He has also signed a one year agreement with Cowboys as an extension to help compensate the loss due to Ronald Leary.

Athletic Skill of Jonathan Coooper

His athletic skills didn’t work out well with Cleveland Browns which considered him inactive. But the situation changed when he got into Cincinnati Bengals, where he played splendidly, and most remarkably in three games

Ronald Leary seem to be in aggressive form, he has outperformed the prodigy, Jonathan in the recent games. But if it only pushes Jonathan to strive harder then, Dallas may not be seeing a performance downfall

His position at the offensive line is well preserved in Cowboys. The members have been admiring Jonathan for a while now, at least since 2013 game of his.

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Buffalo Bills vs New England Patriots Review Highlights

 New England Patriots’  16-0 Defeat to Bills


It is always thrilling and what an epic Encounter when it comes to buffalo bills going against new England patriots. The show is spine tingling and nothing short of breathtaking keeping the fans on their feet and the coaching staff in their sixes and sevens. The athletes came to play as if they were willing to live and die on that particular day. Hence the Bills vs Patriots 2016 Review Highlights is worth reading to know what happened t this particular match.

Game Result

On this day it went on record as the Patriots wert speechless their  16-0 defeat to the Bills. The match had a lot of speculation with the cardinals. However, with a touchdown down, lots of fumbles, and a couple of field goals, the cardinals had no chance of even staging a comeback, going down 16-0 at the blow of the final whistle.


The game went down 16-0 in favor of the bills shutting the Patriots and making history. This was courtesy of one touchdown, The Bills were on an upsetting streak and they backed up their win over Arizona with another upset over the Patriots. Their defense was on point. They avoided any first downs from the opponents having a history of both poor defense and offense in the past few games.


Having lost in their first two encounters, the bills had a much needed and deserved win in addition to a slim chance to get to the playoffs. Being at rock bottom they got motivition since they had nothing to lose but everything to prove. They played as a team all the way especially on defense denying the Patriots a chance to score. Tyrod Taylor cutting edge deliveries at quarterback were key in the intimidation of the Patriots backing up the growth he has undergone.

They managed to find gaps in the Patriots defense especially during their offensive play with a good linkup between the quarterback and the wide receiver and countered every move with good defense.Thus The bills preoccupy Bills vs Patriots 2016 Review Highlights by its tremendous win.

Remarks on the Match

“This is a big week for us after a win at home over the Cardinals. We’re going to New England, we know what they’re all about, so for us to get a win this week would be big.” as said by Richie Incognito before the game. They also admitted that The Patriots had a smart team and smart management and were going for the best performance..

According to statistical rankings, the Patriots had an upper hand in every aspect but they ended up on the losing side with bills recording a first win at the Gillette stadium. It was a mismatch fixture but anything that could happen happened. The bills had not won a single match in previous encounters with the Patriots on Gillette stadium


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Seattle Seahawks vs. New England Patriots Review Highlights

Seattle Seahawks Beats Patriots by 31-24


That seven-point lead by the Seattle Seahawks over New England Patriots took the Super Bowl fans by storm on Sunday Night Football, November 13, 2016. Outscoring the Patriots, the Seahawks’ defense has once again lived up to its reputation. They paved way for some dramatic goal line stand in just the final seconds of the game.The team didn’t find it hard to get that intense motivating factor everyone needed to win the game . They finally reigned in the  Seahawks vs Patriots 2016 Review Highlights. In their 31-24 road victory, it was actually their first time to battle with New England since its Super Bowl in 2015.


What actually happened?

It seemed that the Patriots could have actually tied the game easily if they had scored a touchdown. The Seahawks, on the other hand, attempted the more difficult play that the Patriots would have had to attempt if only the former had just taken their easy one point.

Everyone was actually in confusion and even Patriots head coach Bill Belichick was visible  by the NBC cameras asking the same question just like everybody else, “Why is he going for two?” as the Seahawks lined up for the play.


Apparently, Pete Carroll’s rationale had to be that the coach wanted to force the Patriots to try to win the game on two separate possessions. Being up eight points simply meant that the Patriots could still tie the game on one possession. This is entirely reasonable, especially with time dwindling.

“We wanted to see if we could put it out of reach. and  make it a two-score deal, ”Carroll said to confirm theories and analyses after the game.

Since this could literally be a “do or die” decision for the coach as it could have totally been a wrong move for the Seahawks, this has become one of the Seahawks vs Patriots game highlights. True enough, they escaped with a win, but not before the Patriots drove all the way to the 1-yard line. If Rob Gronkowski had been able to haul in Tom Brady’s fourth down pass attempt, there might have been a lot of anger definitely directed at Pete Carroll after that epic battle.


Get a dose of inspiration from these coaches

Pete Carroll remarks that every game is a championship game for the. He adds that it is a challenge of putting their best foot forward. And  focus should on the strengths and weaknesses of the other team as well .

On the other hand, Bill Belichic believes that mental toughness involves doing the right thing for your team , as this is the only sure winning mentality.

These guys and their men truly sealed the NFL season with a blast! Super Bowl fans will surely expect more breath-taking moves, hype, and drama from each team. Feel free to share your thoughts about the iconic Seahawks vs Patriots game highlights by leaving some comments below. Pitch in to get live updates and latest trends from NFL as the game rolls along.

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Top 10 New England Patriots Football Game Online Site


The New England Patriots have a special place in the NE Patriots Football Game. With its multitude of followers, the New England Patriots have a large fan base and even larger online presence. Therefore, for the loyal fan, it may be difficult to locate the best site that provides comprehensive news, forum, blogs as well as schedules for the team. This article aims to provide a list that will hopefully guide the loyal fan on the best sites to get content for the team. Though the list is not comprehensive, it will help provide a framework through which one can get the best new and information on the New England Patriots team.

Top 10 NE Patriots Football Game Online Site
Top 10 NE Patriots Football Game Online Site


For New England Patriot News, the site YardBarker ( is one of the best containing the relevant and new information coming out concerning the team’s league events as well as news concerning upcoming events. The site also contains rumors about the team, gossip and opinions that comes in real-time and is designed to inform the dedicated fan. Additionally, the information contained from the site comes from credible sources and is sure to keep the dedicated fan up to date on events concerning the team.


Forums are a great way to share stories as well as to receive any breaking news about the teams in the AFL. For the New England Patriots, the site Bleacher Report offers a constantly updated feed from twitter and other social media platforms that allows users to engage interactively concerning their favorite team, the New England Patriots, the site has a steady contributing base as it depends on information from twitter that is constantly updated using hash tags.
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